#apachefamily #1

L to R: Cecil Berrier, Ally Berrier, Skylar Berrier, Rocky Sidden, Tony Tollie, Susie Cecil Berrier. Seated: Kathy Tollie

L to R: Cecil Berrier, Ally Berrier, Skylar Berrier, Rocky Sidden, Tony Tollie, Susie Cecil Berrier. Seated: Kathy Tollie

“You guys have got it going ON at Apache. This might be our first visit here, but it won’t be our last,” said Cecil Berrier. “Everyone is SO nice, it seems like one big family working here. And the fishing has been awesome. I can’t believe we can camp in tents here, too!”

“I haven’t even left yet, but I can’t wait to get back!” said Rocky Sidden.

Meet the Cecil family of Welcome, NC. I met them on the Pier last night as they were releasing a 4 foot shark they had accidentally hooked. Susie Cecil Berrier saw my employee name tag and flagged me down. “We didn’t mean to pull it up! Are we gonna get in trouble?”

I giggled and assured her that it wasn’t the first shark pulled up yesterday and as long as they released it, they were certainly not in trouble.

We struck up a conversation about fishing, where they were from (Welcome, North Carolina), where they were staying on their vacation, Skylar, her granddaughter, and things like that. Although they were staying a little farther north, they were quick to tell me how they felt about Apache. “I am so happy we came here tonight!” said Ally Berrier, Susie’s daughter.

“I have fished in lots of places but this has been incredible tonight,” said Tony Tollie. “We have found our new vacation spot.”

I happened to be outside, filling the bait freezer, when they were leaving. “Y’all even have a shuttle? You mean you can give people a ride if they need it? Oh my goodness, we are coming back here!” said Kathy Toller.

I was so proud to belong to my Apache Family Campground family, just on behalf of the Cecils.

This is an Apache Family. Although they aren’t residents (yet!), the Cecils all vacation together, fish together, and enjoy just being together. They were a friendly bunch, just taking in the salt air and listening to the Party Favor Band. Life is easy and relaxed when you are at the beach and they all looked about 22 – except for Skylar, of course. Something about the atmosphere here just sets you at ease and lets you forget any stress waiting at home.

Cecils, we are so happy to have met you and can’t wait for you to get back. Thank you for being an #apachefamily!


What makes yours an Apache Family?

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