#apachefamily #2


“Those things were a back-saver when my kids were babies. You hardly see anyone using that kind anymore,” I said to the petite brunette holding her baby son in a chest carrier.

“Oh, I know!” Victoria Larusch said.

And we began a chatty conversation about babies (She has 2 cutie pie boys), motherhood, the weather (Absolutely gorgeous that evening.), where she was from (Youngstown, Ohio) and if she had visited Apache Family Campground before.
The answer to that last question knocked my socks off.

“Our whole family has been coming here to Apache for 13 years.”

Wow. I love interviewing families like these. In my job, I am very fortunate to meet all sorts of people; those that walk in from the Ocean, Apache year-round residents, summer vacationers, guests, locals…

But I adore talking to the families.

Because they get it. They know why Apache is a summertime staple for so many. Their stories are truly fascinating. The appreciation that these groups have for Apache, the SC Grand Strand, and for each other is beautiful.

“We’ll be moving down here, no doubt about it,” said John Hoffman, boyfriend to Amanda Santiago. Amanda is the sister-in-law to Victoria.
“We love it down here.” Amanda said to me as we walked down the pier for a while.

Terry Gill, the family matriarch, told me with a twinkle in her eye, “We have so many great stories about our vacations here.”
“And we usually have about 18 or more in our group!” Amanda said.

Their 2013 group included Dave and Terry Gill, Frank and Victoria Larusch with their sons Jordan and Bentley, and Frank’s sister Amanda Santiago with her boyfriend John Hoffman.

As I gathered them together to take a picture, I asked if they wanted me to add anything to their interview. I could hardly keep up.
“It’s quiet and friendly and family-oriented.”

“I love the ladies at the Trading Post!”

“There is nowhere better to fish than at the Pier.”

“The ocean is great!”

“It is always nice to see some of the same faces year after year. They become like part of your family.”

And we thank you for being part of our #apachefamily, Larusch’s of Ohio.
See ya next year.